Some features and statistics to show the functions & developments of the Bank.

Midnapore was the biggest District in West Bengal having its 7 Sub – Divisions & 52 Blocks of 14 lakh hectors in area of which cultivable land is 4 .63 Lakh Hectre. The area of operation of the Bank was consisting of 4 Sub Divisions and 31 Blocks in the District.

The important places and Organisations of the District :-

  1. Midnapore Collegiate School – Estd. In 1837, where Peddy was murdered by the Freedom Fighters.
  2. Formerly, Diamond Ground ( presently Sri Arabinda Stadium – Estd. In 1811 where District Magistrate – Burdge was murdered by the Freedom Fighters.
  3. Habibpur, at Midnapore Town – where Sahid Kshudiram was born who was the first martyr in the history of India’s Freedom Fighters.
  4. Midnapore College – Estd. on 1873.
  5. Palace of King Birat whose name is written in Mahavarat, where the Pandavas absconded for one year.
  6. Tamralipta Port which had been visited by Chinese Pilgrim – Heuen Sung.
  7. Contai – where Mahatma Gandhi took part in Laban Satyagraha agitation in 1942.
  8. Midnapore Town is famous in the Indian History for freedom movement where a lot of martyr were born. Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Netaji Subhash Chandra , Dr. Sarbapalli Radha Krishnan, and many other great man visited the town.

Midnapore is proud of for its great sons, Vidyasagar, Sahid Kshudiram, Prodyot Bhattacharyya, Prafulla Chaki, Anath Bandhu Panja, Bimal Dasgupta, Matangini Hazra and many other who devoted their life for the freedom of India.

Now, the erstwhile Midnapore District has been divided into two Districts namely Purba Medinipur and Paschim Medinipur on Ist January, 2002. At present the working area of this Bank consisting of 5 Sub Divisions of the two Districts i.e. Midnapore, Kharagpur , Jhargram, Egra and Contai Sub Division. The Registered Office of this Bank is at Midnapore Town, the Sadar Town of the Paschim Medinipur District.

Role of the Bank for socio-economic development of the common People of Paschim & Purba Medinipur district


  1. To mobilize various types of deposits like Savings, Recurring, Fixed Deposit, Spl. Fixed Deposit, Monthly Income Scheme etc. from the community against moderate rate of interest.
  2. Renders fully computerized smooth, speedy & accurate services to the customers in the environment of CBS. NEFT / RTGS and ATM facility already provided to the customer.
  3. Lends money to the small and marginal farmers for agricultural purpose through KCC.
  4. Nurtures 6135 no of Self Help Groups with adequate finance for the economic development of the weaker section of peoples.
  5. Makes finance to the unemployed youths and weaker section for their enterprise through different Govt. Scheme like BSKP, PMEGP, FFDA, SGSY, JLG etc.
  6. Provides loans to the farmers for mechanisation of their farm for purchasing Power Tiller, Tractors, Pumpsets and for minor irrigation projects.
  7. Finances Housing loans, Consumer Durable & Transport loan, Personal loan, Gold loan etc to the salaried person, professional person and businessmen in easiest process and lowest rate of interest.
  8. Makes arrangement for issuing PAN card to the customers and general public.
  9. Provides service for General Insurance coverage through the Tie-up agreement with National Insurance Co.
  10. Our Bank is the Corporate Agent of Life Insurance Corporation of India. All the insurance products of LICI are available at all the 36 no. of branches of the Bank.
  11. At our Midnapore, Kharagpur, Jhargram & Balichak branch there is the facility of Safe Deposit Locker.
  12. This Bank made payment of salary to nearly 7900 pry. Teachers of the two districts up to Jan’15.
  13. Nearly 2,50,000 peoples are getting their NREGS payment from the branches of the Bank and from the affiliated PACS.
  14. We have a training centre at Digha, named ‘SANCHARI’, where regular trainings of the management & employees of the societies and the employees of the Bank are undertaken.