Other Service Charges

(A) Charges for non-maintenance of Minimurn Balance based on Average Monthly Balance
(AMB) will be effective from the month of May, 2018 of the Financial year 2OLB-tg
(inclusive of taxes):

Particulars Existing Revised
  AQB Charge in Fall of AQB AMB Charge in fall of AMB
SB (Individual) – CHQ 90000.00 100.00 30000.00 45.00
SB (Individual) – NCHQ 45000.00 100.00 15000.00 45.00
SB – No Frill, Salary, Pension, Old Age, NREGA, Staff/ Ex-Staff 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
SSB – CHQ 90000.00 100.00 30000.00 45.00
SSB – NCHQ 45000.00 100.00 15000.00 45.00
CD – Individual 450000.00 200.00 150000.00 80.00
SCD 180000.00 200.00 60000.00 80.00

(B) Locker Rent & various locker related charges (inclusive of taxes) and Minimum Balance for Locker will be as follows:-

Type of Locker Existing Revised
Small Locker Rent 500/- p.a. 600/- p.a.
Medium Locker Rent 600/- p.a. 800/- p.a.
Large Locker Rent 700/ p.a. 1000/- p.a.
Locker visit Charge 24 free visit in a calendar year thereafter `20 per visit 12 free visit in a Financial Year thereafter `100/- per visit
Loss of Key of Locker 400/- plus break open charge 1000/- plus break Open charge
Minimum Balance for Locker Rs.20000/- in SB A/c 15000/- in the form of F.D. and the interest of the said FD will be transferred to Locker linked SB A/c / CD A/c of the customer and locker rent will be deducted quarterly from the said SB / CD A/c.

(C) Other Bank Charges on different Services will be as follows (inclusive of taxes):-

Particulars Existing Charge Revised Charge
Annual ATM Charges 118 185/-
Duplicate ATM Card Charge

(one time)

176 125/-
Duplicate PIN Charges for ATM (one time) 59 61/-
SMS Alert Charges (Quarterly) 18 19/-
Nominee Cancellation Charge NIL 50/- per occasion
Charges for issuance of D.O. for Farm Subsidy Loan NIL 300/-
A/c Statement Charge 30/- upto 3 months & `15/- for every additional months
Cheque Return Charge In addition to actual postage cost, if any 40/- per occasion In addition to actual postage cost, if any 100/- per occasion
Incidental Charge for CD/SCD  A/c (other than the accounts of ECCS/ PACS/FSCS/LAMPS affiliated to the Bank including SHG) 75 each year 100/- each year
Standing instruction charge 20/- per transaction NIL
ACH Dr. Return Charge 100/- per occasion

(D) Fund Transfer from one branch to another branch or within the branch (CBS Transfer) – NO CHARGE.

All other terms and conditions in regard to Bank charge will remain unchanged.

Apart from above few transactions which were previously restricted in CBS transaction have also been relaxed as below:-

  1. Cheque can be received from the depositor of any branch for collection provided that the said a/cs are KYC compliant.
  2. Non-Home recurring deposit and loan repayment can be accepted, except closure/discharge of the loan a/c.
  3. standing instruction can be done frorn any branch of the bank.